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“The best sentence? The shortest.” —Anatole France

I got into the business of writing in 2011. Since then I have come across the works of thousands of writers and I have seen most of them making a common mistake.

They use too many words to say something which can be said in much fewer words—the mistake of not using concision.

Concision—the first grace of writing style—means saying things in as least number of words as possible, thus not wasting readers' time.

And this is something very basic. Something no writer can ignore if he wants to be well regarded and taken seriously.

Now most writers are making this mistake and virtually no one is talking about it.

Writing blogs are inundated with articles like How to Get a Book Contract, How to Use Twitter for Blog Promotion, How to Get Clients that Pay $100 an Article, etc. But I found there are very few, if any, blogs that talk about this issue.

However I managed to find a few good resources which dealt with this topic in quite detail. But the problem was that their treatment of the issue was too grammatical.

In other words this knowledge of concision is traditionally reserved for those who know at least introductory grammar.

I didn’t like the idea. What is a person, who wishes to improve his writing skills and is not well versed in grammar, to do?

Hence I set out to condense all that information into simple English, an English which even a non-grammarian may understand. I assembled all the information on concision I could find and converted it into non-technical language.

The result is looking like this—Concision: A No-Grammar Guide to Good Writing.

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