Hi. I’m Farhan Musavi the founder and editor of Major Journal which is an online magazine offering a signature mix of instruction, commentary, and reporting on writing, publishing, blogging, social media, productivity, and a few related topics.

I’m no expert. I’m just a guy who started blogging and freelance writing in 2011.

Since then I

  • obtained a certification in creative writing, after graduating from university;
  • landed a job of content writer in an SEO firm through one of my blogs;
  • published a number of guest posts in publications like The Huffington Post and Problogger; and
  • wrote a book Concision: A No-Grammar Guide to Good Writing.

So I like to believe I have something to say on the topic. I created Major Journal to share with others whatever I know and whatever I’m learning in the process.

I take my readers’ feedback very seriously and will be happy to read and reply to anything that you care to say about my work.

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  1. Hi Farhan, saw you write for Intelly-Jelly magazine. I am advising a planned startup on kids education. Would like to explore collaboration. Pls respond to byapoke@gmail.com