Apart from my blog, I write for several other publications. This page is a regularly updated page which lists some my guest posts.

The Huffington Post: It’s time we Muslims chose common sense over Zakir Naik 

The Huffington Post: 3 common blogging mistakes and how to avoid them 

The Huffington Post: Should Fiction Be Factually Accurate? 

The Huffington Post: Are you making these four common grammar mistakes?

The Huffington Post: Four reasons why you should self-publish your book

Lifehacker: Here’s everything you need to know about the 80/20 rule of productivity

The Hindu: How I became an early-riser

The Times of India: Grammar errors you often make!

Problogger: The science of blogging

Freelance Switch: Eight features that make Google+ better than
Facebook and Twitter

Freelance Switch: Differences between Google+ pages and profiles

Indian Freelance Writers: Five reasons why freelance writers should write an e-book

Indian Freelance Writers: The pros and cons of writing for content mills

Indian Freelance Writers: Five ways you can make money from your freelancing blog

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